Stylized Neural Paintings generates oil painting strokes until it best matches some source input. I’d like to combine classical / sci-fi elements, so let’s try it out on this:

I made this using these two source images. Let’s run in through the network and see what happens!

Hmm… Not quite what I was looking for. So now we know the output of the network is always 512x512. What if we took patches at multiple scales and combined it into one painting? First we’ll do the top and bottom halves:

The bottom half has more detail and is “closer”, so let’s break it up into quarters and render them:

The ring could use more detail. Let’s take some more patches:

The top patches have some transparency to mimic being father away. Finally, let’s render the town in a little more detail:

Putting it all together we get:

Much, much better! That really evokes what I wanted!

If you liked the piece or the article, you can buy the work as a NFT on rarible.