Transhumanism is already the dominant ideology. Information processing drops intent to optimize transmission rates. The ability to store, analyze, send & receive this disembodied data has and will continue to increase. No digitization perfectly reflects the experience of a human, of their tone, emotion, breathing, beauty. Decisions are made against averages of data, seven degrees of freedom away from the people they affect–and yet the transhumanists cry out for more! More algorithms! More data! Compute harder and faster and we’ll fly from this prison of flesh and bone. Transhumanism is present! Mothers put their sons on testosterone blockers to curry social favor with images on their screen, phantasms of people–all around this exit from the body seems to accelerate…

The goal of the Tradhumanist Research Program is to rectify technology with eternity. Humankind is an eternal creature if and only if technology is harnessed for the flourishing of man. Cheap oil is not eternal. Trees are eternal. Plastic is eternal to our detriment. The rhizome is eternal. With love and care we are eternal, and with love and care our technology may become eternal.

The first step in this research program is to create an environment within which such research may take place. Consider the environment Bell Labs. In it we find metallurgists, physics professors, glass blowers, young graduates from Midwestern universities, trained experimental scientists &c &c all packed into one space so that they can careen off each other, building the future in the process. It is the people that enact the idea of Bell Labs, but it is the specific structure of the environment that enable them to achieve what they achieved. That environment was not only the larger cultural context it existed in–the layout of the building mattered! It was built so that people would run into each other more, spend more time talking directly.

Where today can we find a research lab that respects tradition? In the universities history begins with the Enlightenment. We are to be ever liberated from tradition here! It is only that which the académie believes to be true that is. Don’t forget: you may tell any number of stories about the past! Meanwhile, any corporation that practices Eternity is swiftly out-competed by those who practice Short-Lived Exponents. THUSANDS OF GAINS yes and only at the cost of HUNDREDS OF THUSANDS MORE CHEMICAL NIGHTMARES IN OUR SOIL

Here is what I believe: there is no environment today in which a Tradhumanist Research Lab could grow. As such, the first task of the Tradhumanist Research Laboratory is to engineer itself into existence. Consider this the start of a massive design document. In this series I intend to distinguish tradhumanism from transhumanism along four axes: telos, embodiment, eudemonia, and virtue.

In the telos entry, I discuss the difference between machines and living substances. Machines are artifacts that have ends impressed upon them, while living substances have ends that are inherent to their nature. When transhumanism takes all to be machine it loses the way living substances are embedded in the world.

When we acknowledge that we are deeply embedded into the world itself, we realize the importance of our bodies. Transhumanists desire to cleave mind from body, but no true distinction between the two may be made. Our minds are directed towards the maintenance and reproduction of our own specific body, there is no “software” that may be separated from the “hardware”.

Next, I’ll expand on virtue ethics as a traditional method of conduct, one in which achieving heroic feats becomes possible. The emancipatory ethics we see today is the result of transhumanist dominance–and see how heroism suffers! We are ever running away from our own possibility for eternity.

What we deeply know in our bodies is whether we are flourishing or not. When we attempt to escape the body, we let our bodies & society rot. The project we tradhumanists must research is eudemonia, the flourishing of our fellow man. One flourishes when his surroundings–the society that he is embodied in–flourishes.

Finally, I’ll discuss ways in which we may bring the Tradhumanist Research Program to be…