Research Program

Are there any specific topics that you want to research or problems you want to solve?

Great question. The research problem I have been interested in is creating some form of artificial intelligence that is in the world in a similar way to the way that we are in the world. This goal is not something I think I can expect to see achieved in my lifetime.

That leads me to what is I think an equally interesting research direction: how can we build institutions that can last long enough to see a 500-year research to its conclusion? No doubt we can find answers in historical massive projects like medieval cathedrals.

The appeal of a rural compound of sorts is that it maximizes your robustness to the outer world during those 500 years. That said, trying to jump directly to this spot from here would be crazy.

So then the most relevant research direction might be: how can you create a community that lasts 500 years? And then go out and actually try to do this.