The Sperg’s Dilemma

Social mores aren’t unavailable to your garden variety high-functioning autist, it just takes us a bit for us to come up with rules and a flowchart for acting on them. As a result we’re generally running behind the crowd as attitudes shift.

What happens when society shifts somewhere where we don’t want to go? Herein lies The Sperg’s Dilemma. One may:

  1. Learn the new set of rules just as one learned the last. Go ahead and say that you are an anti-racist and against those mean people saying those no-no ideas in public. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that no one bothers to check if you’re anything other than image.
  2. Put one’s foot down and stand alone. Actually changing other people’s minds is much more a matter of emotional appeals from respectable people with high mimetic potential, there will be no Reactionary Sperg Vanguard.

Increasingly I find myself choosing 2. I have carefully cultivated my own views and I’m unwilling to hide that fact for social gain.