Feb 17, 2021

oh no

Whoops, I stopped updating this. Instead I got on Twitter, which is almost a regretable choice. I made a friend from doing so, so actually Twitter gets a gold star for making my life better. It also gets a throbbing red star of psychic pain for showing me some real insane bullcrap day in and day out. I can see how people go insane from using this thing.

It’s addicting, this outrage. I got somewhat addicted to leftist outrage before, and now with Twitter I’ve been sampling rightist outrage. While currently the more interesting vintage–it’s also mostly horseshit that doesn’t matter one lick, same as the other guys.

I’m just going to start unfollowing guys like ZHP. His threads are great! If I could filter his feed into just that, it would be sick. Instead I get what he likes, and I really do not care to read that crap.

Dude, is there a reason why internet companies keep making their products worse through not allowing user access? Like, is Twitter actually actively trying for outrage? I mean, sure, everyone blames that it drives attention metrics, but then… it can’t be hard to choose different metrics?–But of course the institutional effects–but why these effects? Why is it easy to impose outrage and hard to build quality products? Open your API and all the good Twitter clients come back, and you have a variety of ways of using your dumb platform okay sorry this is old man yells at cloud computing